Thursday, November 28, 2019

Star wars Episode I Summary Essay Example For Students

Star wars Episode I Summary Essay Goon senses a strong presence of the Force within Nanking and is convinced that e is the chosen one of Jed prophecy who will bring balance to the Force. When Quiz-Goon brings Nanking to the Jed senate to ask for their permission for Nanking to be trained as a Jed, Nanking shows that hes brave and willing to sacrifice everything, including leaving his mom, to become jaded, The Jed council is uneasy about Nanking training to become a Jed because they believe that he can become vulnerable to the dark side of the force; which brings me to the development of Nanking in episode two. We will write a custom essay on Star wars Episode I Summary specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now In episode two we meet Nanking ten years later and from the start you can already tell that he turned into a brat. By now he has begun to realize how much power he has and his abilities begin to make him start acting arrogant. In one scene of the movie, Nanking and Padre are talking about how the senate and the republic and how Nanking thinks things should be run differently. The fact that Nanking mentions the idea of a dictatorship foreshadows the dark side of the force taking over him. Although Nanking has a lot of hero characteristics he also has his flaws. After Manikins mom dies it triggered a lot of anger in Nanking causing him to orders a whole town of people. I believe that Manikins fear of losing someone will later on be a problem in him making the mistake of doing something he wont be able to control. When an assassination attempt is made on Senator Pad © Midday, the former Queen Of Nabob, Jed apprentice Nanking Skyalike is assigned to protect her. As Nanking is left behind to protect Pad ©, his feelings for her grow into something more than friendship. From Nabob to Tattooing, it grows into love for her. But when a tragedy strikes Manikins life, he begins slipping away from the Light Side of the Force. Think Padre and Manikins relationship is important because since their love is forbidden, it can cause a lot of trouble later on in the movie. Also because Nanking lost his mother, he could become very over protective over Padre because he is scared to lose her as well, A Heros Journey is a very important theme in Star Wars. Almost all tooth main characters seem to have a journey, even the anti-heroes and villains. For heroes to begin their journeys, they must be called away trot the ordinary world. Most roes show a reluctance to leave their home, their friends, and their life to journey on a quest. But in the end they accept their destiny the ordinary world would be Nanking living on the desert world Tattooing_ Manikins journey begins with the padre. His call to adventure is when he has to use his bravery and quick thinking to beat Seeable and recognize all of his dirty tricks. He also has to leave his mother to pursue his dreams of being a Jed. Manikins assistance would be both Obi-Wan and Quiz-Don_ The departure in Manikins journey is him paving his home of Tattooing. Nanking is very uneasy and skeptical about leaving his mother but chooses to accept the call to adventure. His trials would be his task to protect now Senator Padre Midday no matter what. Manikins approach is when he encounters assassins and ends up leavings his orders to Stay by Padres side at all cost when he receives visions that his mother is in danger he travels back to Tattooing only to find out that she was killed by Tusked Raiders. His crisis is him realizing his fears of loss and slaughtering the whole village. Obi-Wan sends him a message for help on another desert world called Sessions. Nanking and Padre travel there and become immersed in the first battle of the Clone Wars. They are captured and were forced to fight in an arena before being rescued by the Jed and Clone Army. Towards the end of the battle, Nanking is horrifically maimed by Count Took during a duel. He was saved by Jed Master Wood. Nanking receives his treasure at the end when he marries Padre Midday in dire ct defiance to the Jed Code while the Clone Wars begin to flare up around the galaxy

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