Friday, January 31, 2020

Diary Entry of John Proctor Essay Example for Free

Diary Entry of John Proctor Essay Tomorrow is the day of my execution. For once of my life I lied, I confessed to something I do not believe, I betrayed my friend. I am a man of sin, I told Danforth that they were all involved in witchcraft, I thought I would not feel guilty about it since they are already dead and I am doing this for my family. My beloved wife Elizabeth needs a man in the household, and my children, they need a father. I thought putting my family as my first priority, even more important than honor and the truth; but I am wrong, seriously wrong. I used them, my neighbors, my friends in order to persuit my own happiness. I used them, I am a man of sin. I am now a man of sin, and this is all because of that lustful woman named Abigail Williams. I admit that I did like her at first, her beauty deeply attracted me and I did something that was a shame for my whole life, I betrayed my wife Elizabeth. I dont know what I was thinking back than, but I certainly regret it now. Elizabeth trusted me, our family were united, everything were fabulous until that woman came into my life. If there were anyone that is actually the devil, is must be her, Abagail Williams. She didnt just ruin the life of my household, but everyone in Salem, the Coreys, the Nurses, even the Putnams were ruined because of that devil and her so called witchcraft. Because of her, nobody in Salem could live the lives they had, everyone went crazy, everybody is accusing each other in order to keep themselves away from harm. Maybe Abagail didnt realise that the results will turn out to be like this, but this is reality. Its all because of her lust, her thirst for power, her wicked sick mind, its all because of her. It is Abagail that drove everyone mad. It is Abagail that made everyone suspiciouse of their neighbors and friends. It is Abagail that killed out people in Salem. And it is Abagail that made me have to lose my word, it is her that made me confess to a lie. It is Abagail Williams who turned me into the man that doesnt worth anymore credit, it is Abagail that killed me. Abagail Williams is not saint that confessed to the truth, but a murderer that slaughtered the nice people of Salem. Tomorrow is my last day living, how will the people of Salem view me? Maybe they will take me as the villian that blackened the saints names, or maybe they will see me as a man with honor, to die like a man not a coward that wouldve done anything to save my own life. I will die like a man.

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